The Working Well Series from Make Me A Plan Productivity Expert, Pen Le Kelly

Having changed roles recently and needing to get out and visit various sites, I was reminded of the challenges of staying well while out and about for work. 


Staying away overnight or several nights can lead to a diet of takeaways, pub and restaurant food. This combined with hours being very sedentary in your vehicle can have implications to your health and wellbeing. 


So what can you do to stay well while out on the road? 


Healthy eating

The easy option when out and about is to grab your meals from fast food chains; they are in plentiful supply as you travel up and down the motorways of Britain. But there are healthier alternatives at these stops too. Look out for the supermarket branches that also occupy space at service stations, they will have healthier alternatives, including salads and fruit. 


Staying overnight in a hotel? Again the easy option is to go to the pub chain that is attached to the hotel (or at least in the very near vicinity – they know what they’re doing these hotel/chain pub partnerships!). If you are there for a few nights this really can take its toll on any healthy eating plans you may have. So again, find your nearest supermarket and look at the alternatives. There’s usually a fresh salad bar, or for fruit, why not get some canned alternatives in the absence on anything fresh.


You can find out more if you want to take a look at Make Me Plan’s nutrition plans




Being on the road and spending hours driving can make you feel sluggish and unfit. We know that it is important to take regular breaks when driving to help with fatigue and maybe grab some caffeine to help. But it’s also important to stretch your legs. Many service stations are starting to recognise this and are offering mini nature walks in their grounds. This isn’t just a place for people to take their dogs for a bathroom break, so why not grab your refreshments and take a 5-10 minute stroll, rather than sitting at a table in a stuffy service station! 


The same goes for at the start or end of your working day – make time to get out for a walk or even a run. Getting into this habit can really help with your wellbeing. 


Mental Wellbeing 

Being out on the road can also take its toll mentally. You can feel disconnected from your personal life, so make sure you check in regularly with family and friends – be that via instant messaging, phone calls or video calls. We are so lucky in to be living in a time where being away from home doesn’t mean we can’t keep in touch, so make time for this – it’s important. A call to your family before bedtime, or a natter to an old friend in the evening when you are stuck in your hotel room can be great for your mental wellbeing. 


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