The Philosopher-in-Residence Blog Series from Make Me A Plan's Principal Planner, Anna Pascoe

This Philosopher-in-Residence is an esoteric soul, as regular fans of plans and readers of this blog will attest. Recently, I’ve been musing on the role of wonder in mental health and wellbeing. This has entailed reflecting on childlike wonder, wherein everything is interesting, fun to experience, a highly maximised learning experience. Adultlike wonder seems to range from head-happy wonderings, such as “I wonder if Mary fancies going for a picnic lunch on Saturday?” to head-heavy angst-bombs like “I wonder if I will ever look forward to anything ever again?”

Pre-pandemic, Make Me A Plan often ran talks and workshops coaching people how to Feel Plantastic (shameless plug for our Feel Plantastic plan: here: https://www.makemeaplan.com/plans-for-individuals/life-coaching-plans/feel-plantastic-plan/)

Without giving away a ton of trade secrets, one of the key tenets of these interactive sessions was to invite people to review and question their engrained habits and thought processes and, of course, to be agents in making their own plans to address anything they considered less than optimal.

How does this work with wonder? Say, if you sketch out a typical, or recent day and then give yourself a simple score out of 10 for how wondrous you would rank thoughts and outcomes. Remember, this is about positive mental health and wellbeing – so you’re not necessarily treating a 10/10 as a day you spent entirely jumping for joy and giving praise for perfect serendipity. Rather, we are aiming for all your idle and active thoughts to encapsulate wonder; to feel possibility and positivity (perhaps the opposite of pandemic-exacerbated languishing).

Try this once a week to add small changes in to what you would do over the next seven days to make your wonder more golden…you might add in the yoga class you’ve told yourself you don’t have time for, reading the book that’s sat on the shelf for ages, trying a new recipe with your favourite ingredients. Whichever it is, happy planning and happy wondering.


Next fortnight, I’ll be musing On Worldviews, although I realise some of you may think that this is what happens on these pages every fortnight!

Please get in touch with any particular aspects of this topic you’d like me to write about.


In the meantime,


Happy Planning


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